What You Should Put In Your Packages


Why You Should Not Put Business Cards In Your Packages

When you receive a package, do you look for a business card? Most people nowadays don't keep business cards. They will throw out the package that the product came in and not even realize that there is a business card. I'm not saying that you should stop putting in your business card in your packaging, but to make sure that there is something else that will grab there attention. 

Having a business card by itself doesn't have a call to action. By that I mean it doesn't give the buyer a sense of emergency or get them to act on a special offer of some sort. Business cards can make your business look professional, but does it get them to come back to your shop? 

Here are some of the benefits to using marketing inserts:

  • Gain more repeat customers
  • Get more reviews
  • More social media views

Doing marketing inserts doesn't mean that you have to give them a discount code. However, if you offering them a discount on their next order will increase the amount of repeat buyers. If you are not receiving enough reviews on your products, then you should target them to leave you a review by using your insert. Think about what it is that you want your inserts to say, and what the over all goal is. 

  • Is it to get more review?
  • Do you want more repeat buyers?
  • Is your product trending and you want them to share on social media?

What ever it is that you are needing your insert to do, make sure that it is clear and not overwhelming. If you are getting a lot of positive feedback, but only in convos, but no actual reviews then that is something you should be pushing for in your marketing inserts. If you are wanting the buyer to show others how much they love their product, then in that case I would suggest that you give them a hashtag (#) to post and in return give them a discount code. If you are thinking about doing that, make sure its short and to the point.

For example:

  • Love your product? Show your friends by using #lovingit, and receive a coupon code for 15% off your next order.

Still not sure what marketing insert is right for your business? Then click here to view my blog post that breaks down the different types of inserts you can use.


Sending Inserts With Gifts

If you are concerned about sending marketing inserts with products that are gifts, my marketing insert templates are able to be edited. That way you can still send the gift recipient a insert, and just change the text to say " A gift for you" instead of "thank you for your purchase".  Remember that the gift recipient is not your customer. So when putting a marketing insert for something that is a gift, think of what you are going to say to get them to purchase from you. 

I would suggest that you offer a decent discount code, especially during the holiday season. Including a discount code in your insert will get them curious and wanting to see what else you offer. I see a lot of people struggling when it comes to doing a marketing insert correctly. No matter if it is a gift or if it goes directly to the buyer, make it short and simple. Don't overwhelm the buyer by giving them more than one call to action. 

For example, don't have you inserts say:

  • Rate me on Amazon; here's how:  And then give them steps on how to rate you.
  • Use this discount code : THANKS30 and receive 30% off your next order, but use it quickly because it expires within 1 week of receiving your package. 

Only give the buyer one thing to focus on and make sure that the message you are wanting comes out clear.  If you want people to actually see your marketing inserts and not get thrown out with the package, then I would suggest doing what I do; and that is putting them inside a envelope. That way it is easier for them to see and it will intrigue them to want to know what's inside of it.

You can get my marketing insert templates here. I have a wide variety of options, that i am constantly updating. Along with these templates, I give you 3 videos that show you how to edit them, and what you should use them for. 



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