Your Holiday Season Priority List

Priorities in General

One of the top priorities that you should be focusing on before holiday season gets here, is pre- ordering your supplies for the holiday season. You don't want to wait until the last minute to order any supplies that you might need for the coming up holiday season. You will be to busy to notice that you have ran out or close to running out of supplies. So that I would suggest that you order your supplies in advance. Another top priority is for you to get your listings up on Etsy, Amazon or any other platforms you sell on. If you don't know which platform to start listing your new products, then I would suggest that you look at all your platforms and see which one is currently making you the most money.

Another thing that you should be working on, not just at holiday season but all year around is your SEO. You should mainly be focusing on the listings that aren't doing so well. And the reason I say that is because the listings that are already being found in search are doing their job. Now it's time for you to be focusing on the ones that aren't doing so well, that way you attract more people to your shop. If you currently have a lot of orders to fill, then I would suggest that you don't change anything at the moment. I would wait until you are all caught up on your orders before trying to bring in new buyers. It is important that you stock up on listings that are very popular and are high in demand. Unfortunately, if you are a made to order business, then that wouldn't apply to you. You can also stock up on new products as well, as long as they are items that people are searching for and purchasing. 

I would suggest that when writing out your priorities for the holiday season that you write them on a notepad like this and use a calendar like this to keep track of them.

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Descriptions and Variations

It is important that you give your customer all the information that they need for your product. If you don't have all the information that is necessary for them to purchase your item, then they might just end up not purchasing at all. So it is very crucial that you make it clear what you are trying to sell

For example: Selling Stationery

What if I wrote in my description of the product: Name printed on white card stock, and that was all that was in the description. Would you still buy it? Probably not. You should elaborate on what your product contains. Such as the size, how the name will be printed, how you would package the item etc.

If your products allow for customization and personalization, make sure that is clear also in your description and variations. Don't make it hard for the buyer to understand what it is your selling. If you have my Amazon webinar, I would suggest that you go straight to section 2. There you will find helpful tools and tips for you to use to get more sales on Amazon. Holiday season is not the time for you to be thinking about re-branding or renaming your business. Your not just changing your business name, you are changing everything that goes along with that name. If you are comfortable with that, then I would start off by just changing the name of your business and do the re-branding at a later time. 

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Marketing and Advertising

Before you starting thinking about marketing and advertising your products, make sure that you have your graphics and lingo ready first. Get your ideas ready for what you plan to do for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and any other holiday throughout the year. Make sure that you have a graphic ready for all your marketing and advertising you will be doing throughout the year. Your lingo should also be planned out ahead of time. Preferably at the same time that you do your graphics. By the time that holiday season rolls around, you won't have to figure out what verbiage or which graphic you are going to use for that holiday. It is important that you have a plan if you decide to do marketing. Marketing during the holiday season is very crucial to your business. With that being said you want to get your promoted listings ready. Promoted listings will not be as effective if you don't have the correct SEO in place.

Doing promoted listings is something that you can do on all platforms to get you at the top of search. On Amazon they use their own AD's to help promote your listings. No matter what platform you are using to promote your listings, I would start working on them now. When I say start on your promoted listings, I mean get yourself familiar with it. Look at your listings, and see which ones are doing really well. Then look at the listings that aren't doing so well. I would get the most popular listings and promote those. The listings that aren't doing so well, I would fix the SEO, description and picture. After a few weeks of it getting found in search and no one buys it, I would take it down. I am not suggesting that you promote all of your listings. Think about what people are buying your products for. Will it be a good gift set? Is it something that people are going to want to buy during the holiday season? See what items people are purchasing the most, and promote those. Holiday season is a time where people are ready to spend money.

Make sure that your listings photos and description stand out from others and makes them want to purchase from you instead of your competitor. Your conversion rates are naturally higher during the holiday season, if there not, then you have a issue. If you are spending money on ad's and promoting your listings, then there is a greater chance of people purchasing from you. It is important that you make your buyers fell important and like you genuinely do care about there concerns and feedback. That should be the standard for any platform you are selling on. 

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Tips for Holiday Season E-Mail

When it comes to holiday season e-mail's, you don't want to send marketing e-mails out every day. Think about who your target market customer is. Then come up with a graphic that pares well with the verbiage you are trying to use in your e-mails. If you are struggling to find something to write in your marketing e-mails then I would suggest that you write up 3 or 4 e-mails. After you have written those up, go back to each one and re-read them. Look at which e-mail best explains what you are trying to tell your target market. Make sure that everything within the e-mail is clear and to the point. It is also helpful if you envision that you are talking to a friend. Write the e-mail the way you would talk to a friend about your products. Afterwards, go back and tweek it if it seems to casual or inappropriate in any way. 


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