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"I have been working over my descriptions since purchasing the Webinar and I have to say... What a HUGE difference this has made in the professional look to my listing! Not just the beginning of my descriptions were lacking, but the entire body of the listing was. Dalia has made it so easy to revamp them! It seemed overwhelming at first but then I realized, if I changed them as I received an order and worked on the others in between, I will have them done before I know it! Dalia, thank you once again for a stellar,comprehensive, easy to use product!"

- Rene Jenkins, Hand Stamped Trinkets


"At first I doubted that the webinar would be able to help me. I searched the internet and watched hours of other free tutorials on how to get my listings to the top. I was only ever to get one or two of my listings to the bottom of page one for their respective key words. After months of following Dalia's Facebook group I decided to invest in the SEO webinar. I watched it over and over again taking note. After weeks of work on my Etsy shop I am where I want to be. Nearly half my shop is now one of the top three images per key word. My sales have grown 600%! I have hired a contract employee due to the higher volume of sales. I am beyond excited for the upcoming year. If you are hesitant to purchase any of the webinars, don't be - they are worth every penny since you will make it all back plus, once the lessons are implemented in your shop. "

 - Rebecca Chaves, J And L Designs Boutique


"I wanted to make this hobby/business into something amazing!  So I started looking into how I could improve my shop!  Thank God I found Dalia! While I thought my SEO wasn't particularly terrible, I JUST KNEW she would offer much incite and boy did she!!!   This purchase has been the best investment I have made for my small business!  It has paid for its-self and then some!  My last year's gross compared to this year has grown four fold!  It is amazing what you can do with the RIGHT TOOLS!  The SEO webinar is essential because SEO is really the heartbeat of any Etsy shop! I am hoping for even more growth in the coming year, as her SEO webinar also offers incite on how to build your inventory - ie, product lines and such. I can not thank Daila enough for the awesome product she offers to all Etsy sellers. It is the game changer I needed to grow by business and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about making their Etsy shop successful.   Thank you, Dalia!

 - Brooke Alam, InspireDeen Handmakes By Brooke


Dalia's Etsy SEO Webinar and Shop Critiques have VASTLY improved my wedding invitation business! When I began the SEO webinar December 2015, my company sales were good - I was able to work full time in my business. However, after implementing Dalia's techniques from the webinar in late January 2016, and taking her advice from my shop critique, I had already surpassed 2015 sales by April 2016! I am on track to TRIPLE my 2015 income by the end of 2016. While my company does well on its own, I owe a very large part of my success to Dalia's techniques. I have the confidence I didn't have before. I recommend her to anyone who will listen to me!

- Jenn Shoemaker, ATGInvitations


"Being a full-time college student running a small business on my own, I knew I wouldn't have time to spend doing social media promoting and advertising, so I had to find a way to let Etsy do all the work for me. My business sells niche products, so Dalia advised me to take over all the search relating to my patches by perfecting my SEO. It took two weeks - and then I was selling enough patches to feed me every week on a college budget, and now all I focus on is making more products and maintaining a 3.8 GPA!"

- Jake DeHahn, Jakes Patches


"Some of my listings were being found on the first page of a search, but I still wasn't getting as many sales as I thought I could. Not to mention my sales plummeted after I started following another Etsy 'guru's' advice. I canceled that other membership and purchased Dalia's webinar, made some recommended changes to my listings, and now all of my designs are showing up on the first 6-8 pages of a search. And my sales have increased by almost 50% in 3 months!"

- Lisa McKew, One Oak Designs


"After purchasing Dalia's webinar, I spent 4 days during Thanksgiving weekend in 2015, in front of the computer fixing our Etsy shop by applying the techniques I had learned off of Dalia's webinars. November I had 1600 views and 8 sales. After applying what I learned, we had a fantastic December with 4000 views and 56 orders. Fearing the worst for January, and being after the Christmas rush, I wasn't sure if the success had to do with the webinar or the holiday season - it was indeed the webinar! January hit and my shop had 11,000 views and 79 orders!!! I was able to hire an employee quickly after. Fast forward to today (August 2016), we have 20,000 favorites and over 1500 sales YTD and we have just moved into a new 1,900 wood shop and event center. Building a legitimate company takes work. Finding a business mentor and coach is hard these days, everyone is offering their services and it seems hard to know who to trust. A couple of things that made me trust Dalia: 1. No fluff, she delivers great and valuable information with the unnecessary fluff. 2. She's in the trenches with us, also selling every day! No matter what level your business is, she had great tools and advice to help you succeed.

- David Dickey, Love Built Shop


" I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one coaching session with Dalia. I felt I had a pretty good grasp on my business, it was growing steadily, but I wanted her to give it a look over. After an hour Dalia had given me so many ideas, tips, and courses of action that I was shocked! I left the session with Dalia with plans of action, ideas for the future, and even ideas I could implment the next day. I implmentewd her ideas as quickly as possible and the results have been almost instantanrous. A month later my daily stats for reoccurring clients have almost triples and I've created 2 products to expand my overall brand. As someone who didn't think I needed help , I am amazed over and over again at how amazing Dalia is and how on-point her suggestions are.

- Tonya Brown, Witch Way Magazine