QUICK & EASY: How to Print Etsy Shipping Labels

how to print etsy shipping labels

If you are struggling to fulfill orders because you are unsure How to Print Etsy Shipping Labels, read more below!

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Congrats you made a sale! Now, how do we go about getting shipped out? I notice many Etsy sellers get stuck after making a sale, because of the confusing shipping process. Let’s get those orders shipped out promptly by using the steps listed below.

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How to Purchase a Shipping Label on Etsy

Go to ‘Orders’ on Etsy > Select the order > Click ‘Get Shipping Labels’ > Enter package details (weight, size, etc.) > Click ‘Review’ > Review details > Click ‘Purchase’

Next you will be able to download and print the label.

How to Download a Shipping Label on Etsy

Once you have gone through the process of purchasing your shipping label (see above), you are now ready to download and print!

Click ‘Print Shipping Label(s)’

It will open up in .pdf form where sizing and orientation of the can be edited.

Make sure it is printing to your label printer with thermal paper.

How to Print a Shipping Label on Etsy

The label print settings on Etsy can be edited so that it is printed the same way every time. This makes things so much easier!


  1. Go to ‘Settings
  2. Click ‘Shipping Settings
  3. Click ‘Shipping Label Options
  4. Scroll down to set your preferences

See above section for how to download and print your label.

How to Change Shipping Information on Etsy

There may be times where customers want to change their shipping address, or need to make corrections to the address they typed in. No worries! Here is how you can adjust shipping information on Etsy.

Copy and paste their new address into your notes section. Once the order is ready to be shipped, this new address can be pasted in while editing the rest of the package information.

This is the easiest way I have found that works!

How to Reprint a Shipping Label on Etsy

If you’ve messed up a label and need to print a new one, all you have to do is…

  • Go to ‘Completed Orders’
  • Click the order you need to reprint label for
  • Cancel this label by requesting a refund.
  • Click ‘Print New Shipping Label’
  • Enter any updated information
  • Select ‘Confirm and Buy’

Why is my label not printing correctly on Etsy?

Reasons why your labels may not be printing correctly can include:

  1. Incompatible web browser
    • Try a different browser. It may not be up to date.
  2. Sizing is off
    • Make sure the sizing of your label print is correct for the label printer you are using.
  3. You are not sending it to the right printer
    • You may need to check which printer you are sending the PDF to.
  4. You need to update your PDF reader

Supplies You May Need

Additionally, here are some basic shipping supplies that makes shipping on Etsy 10 times easier as a small business.

This label printer has lasted me so long and I never have issues with it. I highly recommend using thermal paper with a sticker backing so you can avoid having to tape your labels down. Plus, it looks more official!

how do i print labels on etsy
how do i print labels on etsy
how do i print labels on etsy

Also, having a shipping scale will also come in handy when filling out your package details.

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