Selling Stickers on Etsy in 2022 [7 EASY STEPS]

I’m so happy to hear another person has decided to jump into sticker making. Etsy is the perfect place for selling stickers. Here’s how you can get started TODAY!

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As a designer and Etsy seller for the past 10 years myself, I find it incredibly important that anyone thinking about getting started on Etsy knows EVERYTHING there is to know beforehand, so they can succeed.

Take what you need from this article, and good luck on your Etsy Sticker Business!

How to Sell Stickers on Etsy in 2022

Table of Contents:

Is Selling Stickers On Etsy Worth It?


Etsy has experienced a spike in sticker sales over the past couple of years.

Handmade stickers currently fall #1 on the top 10 trending items to sell on Etsy in 2022.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Stickers On Etsy?

Currently, Etsy sticker sellers are making around,


Not bad!

However, this range is an estimate. It truly depends how long they’ve been selling, how much they’ve sold, their average prices, and the amount of time they put into their small business.

How Do I Start An Etsy Sticker Business?

1. Do Your Research (What is Etsy SEO?)

Before you jump in you will want to do some in depth research on selling stickers on Etsy.

What to research:

  1. Find the Demand
    • Is there a need?
    • You can use my favorite method Marmalead, or type things into the Etsy/Amazon/Pinterest/Tiktok search bar.
  2. Browse Different Styles
    • Find out why certain styles/designs are selling better than others
    • What colors/shapes/sizes/etc. are doing the best?
  3. Spy On Competitors
    • See what others like you are coming up with and see if you could do something similar with your own personal style. DO NOT COPY.

With this information you should be able to determine what your product lines will be.

For Example: Houston Astros Sticker Line, Travel Sticker Line, Teacher Sticker Line, etc.

One of the main reasons small businesses fail on Etsy is because of their lack of research before and during selling.

2. Gather Sticker Making Supplies

It's best to begin gathering what you'll need to create these stickers before you jump into designing. You don't want to come up with a grand design and not be able to see the finished product in your hand immediately!

The 2022 Crafter's Choice Checklist for Sticker Making:

  1. Cricut Machine
  2. Sticker Paper
  3. Sticker Making Tools
  4. Best Printer for Cricut Stickers

3. Create Unique Sticker Designs

Its time to put your creative brain to good use!

Most if not all design software systems will require a subscription to have access to all the BEST features, so just keep that in mind when budgeting your expenses.

Here are some fan favorites:

4. How To Create an Etsy Shop

You may have already done this step, but just in case, here is how you will set up your Etsy Shop.

  1. Log in or create an Etsy account
  2. Click your profile at the top right to find 'Etsy Shop'
  3. Click create shop
  4. Register!

From here you will set up...

  • Shop Preferences
  • Shop Name
  • Create Listings
  • & Billing

5. Creating Listings on Etsy

Second to doing SEO research, the listing and description process is going to be SUPER IMPORTANT if you want to make actual sales.

When listing your stickers on Etsy:

  • Take good product photos
    • The quality of your photos is important and will make or break a sale.
  • Fill in product listing details
    • The more the better!
  • Use keywords for your title and tags
    • All the keywords you found in your SEO research should be used here to help your product get found. This is so important especially as an Etsy sticker business where the market is already pretty saturated.
  • Set a competitive price
    • Set yourself apart by competing with similar sellers.

6. Writing Winner Descriptions for Etsy Listings

Yes, people actually do read them! And, even if they don't it is their for their reference at any time.

See below for a good Etsy Product Description:

good product descriptions for etsy
listing a new product on amazon

7. What To Do After Making a Sale On Etsy

You made a sale! Congrats. Now what in the world do you do?

  • Make sure you have the product(s) sold in stock - if not, then make it.
  • Get your product(s) ready for shipping.

You'll need:

Label Printer



online business shipping
online business shipping
online business shipping


Selling stickers on Etsy is a great idea, and one you could really succeed at if you followed these steps. Read more about getting started on Etsy, and how to be successful on our Website!

Good luck!

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