The Ultimate Small Business Shipping Supplies List for Online Sellers

small business shipping supplies

As many of us in the small business realm may know, small business shipping supplies can get pretty pricey. If you are wondering where to find the best shipping supplies for your small business, you’ve landed on the right page.

best shipping supplies

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As I recall my struggles before becoming a six figure small business, I’m always looking for ways to help my fellow small business peeps.

So I thought, what was one of my BIGGEST struggles starting out? Ah yes, spending almost all my earnings on small business shipping supplies.

Below, I’ve compiled an ultimate list of everything I found to be helpful in my small business shipping supplies inventory.

I hope it helps you too!

Here is the Ultimate List of Small Business Shipping Supplies…

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Table of Contents:

  1. Here is the Ultimate List of Shipping Supplies for Small Business
  2. Best Mailers for Small Business
  3. Backing Boards for Art Prints
  4. Best Label Printers for Shipping
  5. Cushioning and Securing Materials for Packages
  6. TIPS: Building your Small Business Supplies List
  7. Resources for Small Business Packaging Supplies

Best Mailers for Small Business (Amazon Shipping Supplies)

a. Stay Flat Mailers 9x 11.5 inches:

ecommerce shipping supplies

These super flat sturdy mailers are perfect for 8×10 prints.

Price: $0.64 cents/mailer

Not only do these come at a great price, but they are also:

  • Sturdy (hard to bend during shipping)
  • Double Sealed (Two rows of glue to keep everything inside from falling out)
  • Plain (The plain white look is always my favorite – I like to add branding stickers on it to make them my own)

b. Stay Flat Mailers 12.75 x 15 inches:

discount shipping supplies

Here is a link to bigger sizes to fit 11 x 14 art prints. Same benefits as the ones above, but BIGGER.

c. Large Yellow Bubble Mailers 9.5 x 14.5 inches:

packaging supplies for small business

A great option for larger small business shipping

Price: $0.39 cents/mailer

With the bubble wrap interior, it keeps everything safe from damage during shipping. This is a great discount shipping supply option for the small business sellers with fragile products.

d. Free Packaging for Small Business:

packaging supplies for small business
Image Source:
shipping supplies for my business
Image Source:

The United States Postal Service is a great resource for FREE small business shipping supplies.

These two stay in my small business shipping supplies inventory year round.

You might consider these when:

  • A customer needs something shipped asap, they can purchase Priority Mail (2-3 business day) shipping.
  • You have an order too big for even the large envelopes
  • You like the protection a box can provide, but don’t want to spend half your worth on custom boxes.

Highly recommend keeping just a few on hand for those “I ordered 5 minutes ago and need these by tomorrow” customers.

e. Mailing Tubes Small Business Shipping Supplies

2 inch x 15 inch, Mailing Tubes

cheapest shipping supplies

3 inch x 7 inch, Mailing Tubes

best shipping supplies

Mailing tubes with caps are a great packaging choice. Customers also love them because of their reusability. Encourage your customers to keep them just in case they need to move their artwork around anywhere!

Price: approx. $2.00 – $2.25/tube

Packaging Artwork

a. Backing Boards 8×10 inches:

best shipping for online business

I use backing boards to put into the flat mailers to double ensure that my art prints won’t be bent during shipping. I have yet to have a customer come to me with a bent art print, so I have to say it’s gotta be due to my extra efforts with these guys.

Price: approx. $0.47 cents/board

If you are a worrywart like me I highly recommend getting some of these for shipping

Find your size here:

Best Label Printers for Shipping

a. DYMO LabelWriter 4XL:

ultimate shipping

Ecommerce sellers! This is the one thing you should have on your small business packaging supplies list at the end of this article. Don’t even bother with other models.

The 4XL can print all of this on one label:

  • Postage
  • Seller and buyer address
  • Tracking information
  • Scannable bar code

It is small in size to fit easily onto your desk or workspace.

Also, because of its thermal-based technology, it will never run out of ink.

Just print, peel, and stick.

b. Thermal Label Paper Rolls

shipping supply

Of course you can’t print without paper!

Purchasing labels online can get a little overwhelming with all the different choices, and words, and types.

So, plain and simple, any roll of thermal paper like this one works just fine.

  • Easy to load into your DYMO Label Printer
  • 500 labels in one roll
  • Great adhesion to various packages
  • Small in size for your small business shipping supply storage unit

Cushioning and Protective Packaging

a. Clear Packaging Tape:

home business packaging supplies

Sending larger packages that require some extra hold? Then you’ll need clear packing tape on hand. Adding a few rolls of these to your small business shipping supplies list will pay off in the long run.

This tape is very sticky, and works for mailing envelopes, tubes, and boxes.

b. Crinkle Paper – 40 lbs:

 small business packaging supplies

The shredded crinkle paper is another great eco-friendly option.


  • Keeps items inside safe during shipping/handling
  • Eco-friendly small business shipping supplies
  • Comes in different colors
  • Cheap in cost
  • Make it at home

Yes, you can also make this at home by shredding any and all unwanted paper and using them in your packages!

c. Bubble Wrap:

retail shipping supply

Bubble wrap is an absolute must have on your small business shipping supplies list.

Ever wondered the difference between large bubbles and small bubbles? Depending on the package, you may need smaller or larger bubbles to protect your items.

For Small Bubble Wrap:

  • Protect products from scratches
  • Handle heavier objects (bubbles won’t pop with added weight)

For Big Bubble Wrap:

  • Protect products from impact
  • Great for smaller products with less weight

My advice is to get both kinds and see which best suits your products!

d. Packing Peanuts for Shipping:

packaging price online

Breaking News: Packing Peanuts are CUTE now!

  • Biodegradable Options (ecofriendly shipping supplies for small business)
  • Now offered in fun shapes and colors for your customers
  • Keeps all the goodies secure during shipping

Many shipping supply companies will jack up the price on funky, unique packing peanuts, but you can easily find them on Amazon for so much cheaper!

Show your customers you care about their order arriving safely and in tact.

Best Postal Scales for your Small Business

best place to buy packaging supplies

A postal scale is a great tool to have in your small business office. When you ship out items, you will need the exact weight of each package to get the proper shipment price.

These are great because they are:

  • Small in size
  • Accurate
  • Able to weigh larger packages
  • Cheap in cost

Branding for Small Business Packages

retail shipping supply
business shipping supplies

The outside of a lot of these packages may seem a bit boring. That’s because they are!

Slap a cute branding sticker to add some flare to your packages. It’s also a great identifier with your customer when their package arrives.

A lot of us are ordering multiple packages at once from all different sites. Make your package stand out among the rest with some branding stickers, or stamps.

TIPS: Building your Small Business Supplies List

TIP #1: Dealing with Shipping Supply Companies

ecommerce shipping supplies

Give them a call. Various shipping supply companies will offer more information on better discounts available to those looking to purchase in larger quantities. They are never all listed out online.

I find it best to call a few at a time and take note of each discount. This will help you compare and decide what the best choice for your small business is.

It never hurts to ask!

TIP #2: Buy your Small Business Shipping Supplies in Bulk

best shipping supplies

I know it can be hard to believe that you will use up 5,000 bubble envelopes, but if you want your small business to succeed, it’s great to invest in shipping supplies. With small businesses blowing up overnight on TikTok now-a-days, being prepared for that will help significantly.

Consider buying your small business packaging supplies in bulk and storing it somewhere safe. A good rule of thumb is to buy enough for 3-6 months.

TIP #3: Make the Proper Calculations

small business packaging supplies

When doing the research to compare prices on different websites, it’s important to include shipping in your calculation to truly see the best price per item. For example:

Bubble envelopes

  • lists them at $33.66 for a set of 100.
  • Value Mailers lists them at $35.90 for a set of 100.

The obvious choice would seem to be Amazon Bubble Mailers…


Before you make this decision you’ll want to see the added shipping cost that is tacked on, then do your final calculations.

$33.66 + $10 shipping = $43.66

$43.66 / 100 units = approx. $.43 cents per bubble envelope

Value Mailers 

$35.90 with FREE shipping = $35.90

$35.90 / 100 units = approx. $.35 cents per bubble wrap

Value Mailers is the clear winner here. That is why you always want to make sure you don’t forget to factor in shipping costs. They’ll get you!

Resources for Small Business Packaging Supplies

Vendors you may find useful:

  4. (I often find you can beat their prices somewhere else, but still sometimes useful)
  5. (FREE shipping supplies!)

Good luck building your own small business shipping supplies list!

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