• Which strategies should I work on to meet my business goals?

  • I need help deciding which strategies I should implement that would give me the best results.

  • I have so many things I need to work on, and I don’t know in what order to do them - I’m so overwhelmed!

  • Now that I know what to work on, I get so overwhelmed because I don’t even know where to start!


  • Know exactly what you need to work on to move your business in the right direction?

  • Know in what order you need to start implementing a strategy, so you don’t get overwhelmed ?

  • Have someone to help you throughout the year to guide you to make adjustments to your strategies when they don’t give you the results you want?


When you enroll in The Mastermind Strategy
you will receive access to:

Exclusive Coaching FB Group



Course + Training + Workbook



By the end of the course you will….


1. Have chosen the right goals/strategies

It’s important to have your goals/strategies tailored to YOUR specific business goals. Even if you are in the same market as someone else, you may need to work on different strategies based on your goals and what you currently have implemented for your business.

2. Have your goals/strategies personalized approved by me

After you have mapped out your goals, you can check in with me in the exclusive FB group to make sure you aren’t missing any important strategies that you NEED to do to get you the revenue results you want.

3. Know which courses you need to help you implement some strategies

Get only the courses you need at 20% off (LIFETIME COUPON, NO EXCLUSIONS), to implement strategies that require more training and skill. This will prevent overwhelm and keep you on track.

4. Have me personally help you PRIORITIZE your goals

I will personally help you prioritize your goals (in the exclusive FB group) in the order you should execute them based on YOUR business, what your currently working on and have implemented, and based on your financial goals.

5. Know exactly what to do to accomplish each goal/strategy

Now that you know what to work on, and in what order - you need help with STARTING! I have provided DONE-FOR-YOU goal list (within the course) of each of the popular goals/strategies broken down for you into manageable tasks in the order you should complete them - goodbye overwhelm!

6. Have a daily planning strategy that is effective and works for you!

I show you how to plan your work day so its easy to stick to and helps you get closer to achieving your goals.

7. Have a library of motivational and productive hacks to keep you on track

Want to know how I am able to always get shit done? I share my own motivational and productivity hacks and teach you how to come up with your own to keep you focused.


Here is what to expect in the exclusive coaching program (FB group):


Daily & Weekly Check-ins

Let’s start the day/week off on the right foot!

I will be checking in the group weekly to see what you have on your task list and if you need some direction. You can comment each day to let us know what you have completed and what you had a challenge with. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable and also get feedback when your day didn’t go as planned.


Coaching Facebook Lives

Facebook lives will be focused on strategies and growth

I will host Facebook Lives as often as needed to cover topics such as: Improving conversion rates, improving customer experience through packaging, creating a highly converting website, how to do product research for a winning product line, lowering your expenses, Increasing profits, & more!

Topics may also come from questions and challenges from the group. All coaching Facebook lives will be transcribed so you can review “cliff notes” if you are pressed for time or need a refresher.


Weekly Strategy Wins Post

sales & results is the biggest form of motivation

We encourage members to share their wins every week or whenever they feel they have implemented a strategy and they have seen results! This will help motivate the group by educating them on techniques that may work for them and keeping their eyes on the prize.

When something goes your way and you see results, isn’t that the best form of motivation? Yup!


Help to implement strategies effectively

Get help with implementing tasks more effectively

Working on a task that has you stuck? Post in the group and myself and others will help you break down that task into easy to tackle steps & make sure you implement it effectively.

Implemented a task and are not getting the results you want? You can also post and I will help guide you to make the changes necessary to get better results.


Support from members
with the same focus


It’s nice to go somewhere where everyone knows your name

Be part of a community where all the members have the same DRIVE and FOCUS. You feel like you belong. Being a part of this group will keep you on task and get you the help you need when you aren’t quite as productive as you need to be.





20% OFF
ALL my other courses

If you need them
No exclusions



50% OFF
One-on-one Coaching Sessions

If you want them
No Exclusions


It took me years to create a program like this.
I wanted to solve the challenges sellers faces with monthly subscription groups.

Here is how our exclusive coaching group compares to the rest:



Your business growth strategy is specifically designed for YOU, by YOU, with my guidance and final approval, BASED ON your business, your market, and your goals.




Some guidance on what you need to do, BUT it is not always specifically tailered to you and your business because you are often told to do ALL THE THINGS to be successful in business but you dont know what the priorities are.


The monthly subscription value WITHOUT the monthly subscription cost - you pay once and you are an exclusive member for life! Need to step away for a few months for personal reasons? Or holiday season has you swamped? No problem, you don't pay a dime for being inactive and can return whenever you want. It works at your pace.



Monthly subscription cost - which often leads to you paying monthly and NOT having the time to work on strategies monthly. You are left feeling like you aren't getting the value you deserve out of the group. If you need to step away for a busy holiday or personal reasons, you may be paying for inactive months and not getting the value.

For specific course training’s, you only pay for courses that are a part of your growth strategy (at 20% off anytime), and not courses you don't need. This helps with not getting overwhelmed and feeling like there is so many things to accomplish. Courses are guided in an easy to follow structure.



You paid for ALL the training’s and even if you don’t use them all, it was still a good value, BUT you are left feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start and even starting sounds very overwhelming. Training’s are often not an in easy to follow course

Coaching program for business growth that is taught and led by ME and my Mastermind Strategy. If you like my style teaching, good! You will always get me! My style straight forward and no fluff. I am very good at breaking things down so its easy to follow an understand. Many people say I’m like their business mom, I tell you the things that you sometimes don’t want to hear but are good for you.


Often taught by many experts with different coaching/teaching styles - and if you connect with some - great! But if you don’t, then tough.

My problem solving grit that won't settle for " I don't know why this isn’t working" to "This doesn’t work, so lets try THESE solutions to track improvements and adjust along the way". I am constantly working with you to make sure you stay on track and implement your strategies effectively.


I can't speak for other coaches and their ability to problem solve (and I'm not gonna insuate, that’s not how I roll)

I have been a seller since 2010, am still an online seller and actively sell on Etsy, Amazon and my own website, using ALL the methods I teach to my own members. So I don’t teach you a strategy if I haven’t done it myself.



Most of the time, the leaders of a subscription group are not sellers themselves or have closed down their shop to focus on coaching. The methods they teach were not tested by them or have not been proven by them.


Facebook lives that are engaging & dedicated to improving the efficiency of your tasks that you are implementing to achieve your goal. You will leave with a more clear understanding on strategies, how to execute, and a very specific action plan to do so.


Facebook lives that are not helping you get down and dirty with strategies and how to execute properly.




Will this help me if I already make six figures?
Yes! As long as: You need help with strategies that help move your business forward You want the the continued guidance to help you improve those strategies to be more effective You want to be part of an exclusive community that is super focused on growth. Never have t worry about not having friends who don’t get you or aren’t into the same things as you - we are a focused group of individuals that will keep each other focused and motivated on the prize.

Do I have to purchase the courses after I join this group?
You are paying for lifetime access to the exclusive group coaching program and the mastering your goals course. If you want to learn a skill or strategy such as Etsy SEO or Pinterest, yes you will need to purchase the course. However, all members that are part of this exclusive group get 20% off of all my courses to use anytime throughout the year. This way you can pick and choose what YOU need based on the personalized goal plan we created together, for you. You also don't need to buy it all at once - buy it whenever you are ready to get started on it.

Will I have access immediately after I purchase/presell?
Yup! Even if you pay with a payment plan, you will get immediate access and you can get started!

How do I know if this will work for me?
Tools don't work, YOU DO! I give you the on going support/coaching, and motivation to help guide you in the right direction - but it is up to you to get the work done and continue to adjust strategies as we both see fit. If you are not willing to listen to me and my strategies, then simply not implementing them WON’T work for you. As long as you put in the work, it will. What doesn’t work, you will get on going support from me to help you pivot your current strategies and adjust them to make them more effective.

After I purchase am I able to message you personally for help in my business?
This program is not for one-on-one help - that would be physically impossible to do for all my members. BUT you can get personalized help in the group whenever you need it and purchase a one-on-one coaching session for 50% off, ANYTIME.

If I post in the group for help, when can I expect a response?
In general, 5-30 minutes. I will try to check in the group a few times a day. There may be days where I am working on a large project and don’t even have the FB tab open, so it may take a few hours. If I haven't responded within 1 business day, please re-tag me - there is a good chance I accidentally missed the post or the notification. But I will be repeatedly checking in the group to get to everyone in a timely manner. I don't officially work nights or weekends, but I may respond then as well.

When will you do the coaching facebook lives?
This is my passion prohect and putting a schedule on it would not make it feel authentic for me and I authentically want to help everyone. SO at this time there is no schedule for facebook lives. But you can expect at least 1-2+ a month. You will be alerted when I want to do one at least a few hours in advance - if not more. If there is a great question posted in the group that would make a great fblive, then I will do it. You are more then welcome to join it to ask questions or even ask questions regarding the topic after the fblive is done. These fblives will also be categories in the group (new feature) so you can easily find coachings based on the topic you want. There wont be any facebook lives during my vacation time, when I’m sick, or holiday season time.

Can I pay with my credit card/paypal?
Yes, you have both options and you can pick either one. Payment plans are only available via credit card.

What is your refund policy?
We want to make sure you know this is right for you before joining so if you are unsure, please email me: or message me on FB (faster response) because due to the nature of the program, we don’t offer refunds.

Choose the payment plan thats right for you


ONE TIME payment

Here is what you get:

5 core lessons (26 videos + 19 page workbook)

Group check-ins strategically planned throughout the course material

24/7 lifetime access + future updates

Exclusive facebook coaching group access

20% discount on all my courses

50% discount on coaching sessions


6 monthly payments

Here is what you get:

5 core lessons (26 videos + 19 page workbook)

Group check-ins strategically planned throughout the course material

24/7 lifetime access + future updates

Exclusive facebook coaching group access

20% discount on all my courses

50% discount on coaching sessions



"I found out about Dalia in August 2016. I was skeptical about business coaches (I still am!), but I know Dalia is legit. She's the only business coach I have been following.

I bought her shop critique + SEO webinar in August 2016. My August 2017 Etsy revenue more than tripled.

I recently bought a house and I am on track to paying it all back in the next 2 years. It was supposed to take me 20 years.

My husband also works with me now, which has been a dream comes true.

Dalia literally changed my life...."

- Khin Hnin Johnson

"Dalia Abdalla is a force to be reckoned with. When I had my one on one I told her my "end game" goal and it was a number that was embarrassing yet a fantasy. It's been less than a year and I'm actually almost close to that goal..."

- Tonya Brown

You are the best coach out there Dalia, honestly, because YOU take the time for all of us even tho you are busy with your own shop. Thats another thing, you have a shop and experience all the glitches, other coaches doesn't even have shops on Etsy, Amazon or a website or claim they don;t have the time. Just gotta say, YOU ROCK <3 data-preserve-html-node="true"

- Pammy Strom

"In my 52 years on this planet, I can smell a phony a mile away. I've looked at A LOT of business coaches, but you are the ONLY one I bought from. ANd I was overwhelmed at how much value I got for my money. You are obviously in this because you like to help people...."

- Michelle Swiniarski

" Dalia asked me what my monthly goal was and at that time I thought $1,000/month would never happen, but I thought to myself...dream big...let's see if she's the real I gave her a LONG shot goal of $2,500/month by my first year in business. She confidently said it was possible with my business and gave me strategies to make it happen. Well I'm beyond excited to say that I've listened (and worked my butt off) but exactly 1 year after opening my shop, I officially can say that I've EXCEEDED my $2,500/month goal!! If anyone is on the fence about investing in Dalia's methods...I hope this helps to show you how much the little investment will return. Thanks Dalia Abdalla for all your help!!

- Melanie Ann

" I've been following you since the beginning and I can absolutely say that you are NOT helping us for the $$ truly care about our success. You show that in your actions over and over again. You are selfless....

- Rene Avery Jenkins

This program is

  1. You are interested in a personalized growth strategy that is guided by ME and approved by me to fit your business model, market and your goals perfectly.

  2. Can commit at least 10-30 minutes a day, or anytime you are comfortable with per week to help work on strategies to mvoe your business forward

  3. If you have recently started your business OR are more further along. Because each growth strategy is personalized based on the members business, market and goals, you can join even if you aren't where you think you should be

  4. Willing to work on a strategy and post your progress and/or challenges so I may continue to lead you in the right direction and adjust your execution accordingly. You feel overwhelmed with what you need to do and need help breaking it down into achievable tasks.

  5. Want to be part of an exclusive community that have the same goal in mind - to make your business sustainable. Can you imagine going to a party and everyone DOES NOT have the same interests as you? What the hell do you talk about? How can you relate? When you are part of an exclusive community of high level business owners, you stay motivated and focused to move in the right path.Know that YOU are responsible for your success, and that I am just a tool to help guide you in the right direction.

This program is

  1. You know what you need to work on, how to work on it, can strategically solve problems on your own and quickly pivot your strategies to be more effective, then you probably don't need this program

  2. You are always negative and think NOTHING works no matter how hard you try. Being positive is crucial to your growth because things don't happen overnight and your frustration may cause you to be negative.

  3. You are not patient and get frustrated easily. REAL strategies sometimes take time to implement. Now there will be some strategies that you will see results fast - that’s the nature of them, but not every strategy works that way.

  4. You don’t have the time or energy to work hard, or to work on new strategies. You may be so swamped with your full time job, and the orders you currently have that you don't have the time to work on any strategies, not even for 30 minutes a day. Then this program isn't for you.

  5. You cannot handle constructive criticism. We all are business owners and need to act like it. It's important to know a part of the growth process is understanding what you can do better and I am straight forward and don't always tell you what you want to hear.

  6. You are SHY! You dont like to post or comment in fb groups. This is not the group for you, how can you expect me to help you if you dont speak up?

  7. Not proactive and not willing to be helped. If you get advice and don't implement it because you are just hoping something will change, this will not be right for you. Have a problem staying motivated? Don't worry, I help with that too!

  8. If you are a coach, nope. This program is just for sellers ONLY.

Choose the payment plan thats right for you


ONE TIME payment

Here is what you get:

5 core lessons (26 videos + 19 page workbook)

Group check-ins strategically planned throughout the course material

24/7 lifetime access + future updates

Exclusive facebook coaching group access

20% discount on all my courses

50% discount on coaching sessions


6 monthly payments

Here is what you get:

5 core lessons (26 videos + 19 page workbook)

Group check-ins strategically planned throughout the course material

24/7 lifetime access + future updates

Exclusive facebook coaching group access

20% discount on all my courses

50% discount on coaching sessions